Delivery Procedure

Delivery Procedure:

How long does it take for an order to reach me?

The main thing to know is that there is NO extra cost for shipping charges and NO extra costs for VAT and Duties fees. There are all covered by NavShop SA.

  • Generally an order can take between 5-10 working day to reach our client. Often it can be done sooner but to account for unforeseen delays, it is safer to expect 5-10 business days before delivery will take place.
  • Tracking will be provided to all clients / customers immediately after the supplying factory has dispatched the goods.
  • If for some reason there is a delay in the manufacture, assembly or dispatch of the purchased goods, we will make contact with our client and give them the corrected timeline. This is due to manufacture delays on the factory side and cannot be considered as a breach in delivery due to the nature of special order goods.

Preferred Courier and Shipping Agents:

NavShop SA only makes use of the following Service Providers –

  1. DHL International / DHL Express
  2. Postnet
  3. Timefreight

Unless expressed otherwise, we will never provide our clients with tracking numbers for any other service providers. All tracking numbers provided are traceable via the above companies direct tracking sites and proof of collection and waybill info will always we provided to our customers.

Please take note that in some circumstances, tracking details and waybill information is provided before the shipment has been booked into the warehouse of the shipping agent and can take between 6 -48 hours to show on the agents tracking site.

You can view our Preferred Shipping Agents direct website by clicking on the below links:

Postnet Logo
Timefreight Logo