Order Procedure

Order Procedure

At NavShop SA you have two ordering options – Via our Online Store or Via an Offline Quote

Online Procedure:

  1. Find your desired product
  2. Research and make 100% sure you understand the product and that it meets your needs and requirements. (Should you require advice, please make contact with us and we will assist you in any way we can.)
  3. Add the Product to the online cart.
  4. Go to Checkout, and make sure that the correct product is in the cart.
  5. Either create a new account or enter your existing login details.
  6. Enter in all the required information and proceed.
  7. Select a Payment method and proceed.
  8. As soon as the order is received on our end with a successful proof of payment, we will make contact with you to verify all the information.
  9. Once everything has been checked, we will process the order with the factory for preparation and shipping. (Process can take 1 -5 working days)
  10. Once the order has been successfully collected and shipped, NavShop SA will provide you with a tracking number as to allow you the opportunity to monitor your shipment. (Tracking will be provided as soon as it is received on our system. Shipping to South Africa normally takes 3-5 working days)
  11. As soon as the shipment lands in South Africa, we will finalise the VAT and Duties / Clearance Requirements and get everything delivered.
  12. As soon as Delivery has taken place, we will have the dedicated install make contact with you to arrange installation.
  13. Installation will take place. Set Up info and additional support will be provided should it be requested by the client/ customer.

Offline Procedure:

  1. Use the NavShop SA website as an online catalogue to view available products.
  2. Using either the Request a Quote tab or the Contact Us tab, send us an email requesting some additional assistance.
  3. Make sure to provide the Make, Model and Year of your vehicle or any other information you deem necessary for us to assist you.
  4. As soon as we receive this information, we will draft the applicable product for your vehicle in quote format and this will be emailed through to you.
  5. A Recommendation will normally be provided in the email as well as standard practice.
  6. Review the information provided. If you have any questions, please reply to the quotes and one of our support staff will try their absolute best to provided details answers to all your questions.
  7. Once you have come to a decision, please let us know which product you would like to purchase by giving us the quote number. We will then load you as a client on Sage Pastel and a formal invoice will be emailed through to you.
  8. An EFT payment will have to be made to confirm your order and proof of payment will need to be submitted to info@navshop.co.za
  9. As soon as payment is received, a formal receipt will be issued to you.
  10. Order will be processed with the factory and the preparation/ shipment process will begin. (Usually done within 1-5 working days)
  11. Once order has been prepared successfully and shipment has been collected, a tracking number will be provided to you as to allow you to monitor the shipment until delivery has taken place.
  12. On arrival of shipment in South Africa, NavShop SA will finalise VAT and Duties payments and clearance and the order will be delivered to our client.
  13. Our Installation dedicated installer or installation partner will then make contact with our clients to arrange time and day for installation.
  14. Installation will take place. Set Up Info and additional support can be provided should it be required by our client.

Please note: Should you require any assistance, please contact us at info@navshop.co.za and we will be more than happy to provide you with any information. You can also download a copy of our business registration documents in our “Download Centre”.